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Letters to My Children

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I am growing older now, and I long for the springtime when I was young and did not fear for “the future of man”, when I took life for granted. 

I love you , my children, and I’m concerned that history is being ignored, in other words, I am concerned that the powerful factions of our world will disregard caution, will feel themselves to be absolutely imbued to misuse organization and authority.  

I believe humanity is, for the most part, dependent upon one another to live, to trade  resources, to learn form each other and to show the coming generations a balanced and provident universe.

As you know, I have run  for public office more than almost any known person trying to reach others and to learn myself. 

Now I must “pass the torch” and seek younger people to share hope for “the future of man”

The libertarian party that I’ve learned  to associate with is a fledging organization that seeks not only better governance but also improvement in understanding and disseminating history, at the least to counter the fabrications of either “theocracy” of the “socialist state”. 

What Does Venezuela have to do with the border wall?

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Alot, actually.  

If you’ve had yourself tied up in knots these last few weeks wondering whether the demand for a wall along our Southern border – a wall championed by our President and zealously chanted over by millions of his supporters – take your eyes away from the smoke and mirrors for a minute. 

We continue to hack away at the leaves to this problem without pulling at the root.  The root of our immigration woes, of course, are the thousands of destitute and desperate people that, through grave peril, enter our country through illegal crossings.  And we can even cast a wider net than those asylum seekers.  Economic migrants, too, come due to severe poverty facing them and their families in their home countries. 

Unless we want a world where significant amounts of the global population wakes up wishing they could flee for a better life, we have to do what we can to lead and it starts by paying attention to our southern neighbors and stop demonizing them.  

Hence the need to look at Venezuela.  The recent unrest there, and this administration’s urge to find its voice again, shows how important those strategic relationships still are despite any “go-it-alone” rhetoric from our commander in chief.

Libertarian-ism should not be about isolationism.  It should be about keeping out priorities straight.  In the case of Central and South America, the need to see the region flourish is a priority for all Americans – North, Central, and South.  We want to ensure the question debated by politicians isn’t about how high and thick the wall has to be.